Advantages of Drinking Water

best raw food diet plan waterWater is the key to life & the human body is made up of 75% of it – so it is Vital to your health and wellbeing 100% to drink it, and this really isn’t an understatement.

Drinking Water is beneficial and necessary for not only maintaining health but for weight loss and cleansing in ways that you may not have considered before.

Drinking water before meals can prevent you from overeating as you already feel somewhat full before you start eating. Not only that, it assists digestion greatly when taken before or after a meal and not during, as when you drink water when you eat you can dilute essential stomach acids.

Water is a transporter and carries rubbish, toxins and waste out of your body via the urine & blood and decreases the risk of stagnation and constipation. Drinking enough water daily will flush toxins out of your body and prevent flu like stagnated feelings.

So how much water should you drink?
2 Litres, 4 pints is about the recommended daily amount. Of course this depends on your activity level, size, weight etc., but this is a good guide to work on.

It is important to gradually increase the amount up to this level rather than bombarding in and going from nothing to 2 litres. Also it is VITAL that you sip water throughout the day and DO NOT drink it all within a short period of time – your body enjoys and can only deal with this amount when it is spread throughout the day!

So how do you drink more water?
Give yourself some landmarks, i.e. a glass before breakfast on waking, a glass when you get to work, a glass mid-morning, after lunch etc.

Lots of people like to carry a large bottle with them so they know when they are half way or further along and also they have it to hand all the time!

Of course when you exercise drinking water is much easier so that’s another health goal that you can include & use to boost you along.

Make a deal with your partner, friend or colleague and get them to do the same so you can encourage and report to one another!

What about Water Retention?
What about it! The only way to avoid water retention is to drink enough water – FACT! If your body is holding onto fluid it is likely to be because it hasn’t got a regular flow of it coming in so its holding and storing what is has got in fear of a drought! Drink more and see what happens, once your body establishes trust it will let go.

The body has such a need for water that it will hold onto extra water until we offer the correct amount on a daily basis – great way to shed fat and pounds fast.

What about Kidneys – will they get overworked?
In order to work to their optimum the kidneys need enormous amounts of water. When and if they don’t get this amount the liver will have to be brought in to assist, and the liver doesn’t need this as it has enough to do – really!

So when the liver has to bail out the kidneys its losing valuable time not burning away stored fats. So, common sense explains – drink enough (without going the recommended daily amount) and keep your kidneys buoyant and your liver to do its own job without having to rescue the kidneys.

Drinking water increases energy, removes toxins, carries and removes waste from the body, increases skin moisture and beautifies the skin, improves mood, helps with weight loss, keeps the vital organ the liver happy, keeps the kidneys clean and vital amongst many other beneficial health facts.

Best way to find out is to try it and see.

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