7 of the best Anti-ageing foods

The best Anti-ageing foods can really help you to look younger, as they restore, protect, hydrate and replenish the body making it glow, blossom & bloom.

Of course you cannot depend totally on just the best Anti-ageing foods to stop you ageing, it’s all about lifestyle and the rest of what you eat also, but with a sensible balanced, healthy life & diet the addition of some or all of these foods can really make a profound difference.

7 of the best Anti-ageing foods

1.    Coconut
This is a miracle food and one that is so hydrating! Coconut water is called the fluid of life and they are not wrong there. Coconut water is so hydrating as its electrolyte level re-equilibrates the body’s fluid balance. Coconut Butter/Oil applied to the skin is the most hydrating and beautifying moisturiser around – just see how your skin becomes smoother, silkier and more hydrated!
Also, if you want to cook, use coconut butter or oil as it can stand the heat unlike other oils!

2.   Water
Of Yeh! And I can bet you have heard that before! So listen and learn, water really does make a difference. It carries crap out, it hydrates you, it gives you energy and with all these things in place you are happier and look younger! You compare a person aged 40 that doesn’t drink water to a person aged 40 that does and you will see a profound difference! And you know which one looks younger.

3.    He Shou Wu
A Chinese superior herb that is called the longevity herb! It is said that constant consumption can restore one back to youthfulness! It is a Jing healer & tonic, which means it, has a huge yin energy & essence that deeply heals via the kidney system. He Shou Wu also is an amazing blood tonic making it a safe all-rounder. It is used a lot in Chinese medicine to prevent ageing along with replenishing the sex drive, muscle tone and fertility. And on top of that it is said to help restore hair back from grey to its original colour. This is an amazing tonic!

4.    MSM
IF your body isn’t clean then it will weigh you down and you will look heavy and old. MSM is a naturally occurring form of the mineral sulphur. It has amazing beautifying qualities that enhance skin, nails and hair – it provides a skin glow and youthful essence beyond words. MSM is a carrier, which assists in carrying metals out of the body and assists in detoxification.

5.    Raw Cacao
Ok – Chocolate, it can get some bad press but Raw Cacao (its natural unheated state) is a beauty abundant food that is packed with magnesium and sulphur. Magnesium helps us to de stress & stay young amongst many other benefits and sulphur, as above, helps us to glow and look amazing!
Cacao is very energising, rich in antioxidants and is an true natural aphrodisiac, in fact I read once that it has 300 identifiable chemical compounds making it truly a superfood indeed. Raw cacao really is food of the gods and goddesses!

6.    Avocado
Creamy, simple to eat just on its own, makes amazing ice cream when blended with fruit (as it is a fruit), filling, rich in Vitamin E, this little baby is one of the most alkalizing foods available.
Vitamin E is essential for glowing skin and shining hair so why wouldn’t you eat it. Avocado also help keep those wrinkles off your face & you can make a face pack by applying it straight onto your face.

7.    Berries
All of the dark berries (especially the black and blue ones such as blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, black grapes) contain phytochemicals known as powerful flavanoids antioxidants and it is these that help protect the body against damage and ageing that the free radicals cause! Goji berries are also amazing little power houses of antioxidant goodness and strong free radical fighters!

So if you want to prevent ageing fast, introduce some of these foods into your diet, or even all of them.

Make a difference to your health and life the healthy way.

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