Is a juice fast the quickest way to lose weight?

Good question and the answer is most likely yes for most people, but in order to do a juice fast you need to be a) healthy & well, and b) prepared for what’s to come.

Juice fasting is a fast way to shift unwanted pounds and weight but it isn’t for everyone. It guarantees success as far as weight loss goes, but it also comes with some strong detox symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, bloating, gas & insomnia.

In order to juice fast successfully, you need to prepare and preparation means cutting out bad foods such as alcohol, sugars, fast foods, pastries, sweets and fatty meats at least a week before you start the juice fast.

It’s like anything, if you move in gradually you are much more likely to a) adhere to the program and b) get the results you seek as you are prepared. If you move in unprepared then are more likely to crash and fail as you body just won’t be able to cope with the overwhelming amount of toxins that will be flooding your system.

Preparing slowly and carefully would also involve adding in regular daily raw juices that you will be fasting on during the juice fast. This way your body will become accustomed to the juices and so will you liver!

Always move into a fast slowly and come out of one slowly too. This is the key to success and weight loss.

If you bombard your body and suddenly go from eating steak & chips to a juice fast this could be dangerous.

Also it is important that you support your bodies exit routes during any fast with techniques such as dry skin brushing, enemas, colonics, Epsom salt baths, castor oil packing & gentle exercise such as walking.  Allow some time to rest and relax as the first three days can be tough if this is new for you.