Lose Weight Faster With These 7 Easy Weight Loss Tips.

These 7 easy weight loss tips are here to help you lose weight faster.

If you simply take action then you may not need to go and spend any money on a weight loss program at all.

So move your eyes down and read away!

1. Start to cut out food that is processed & pre packed!
Within all processed foods are excessive amounts of fats, sugar, salt and many other nasty things that enhance flavour and taste unnaturally. These foods are tricks to make you eat more and crave more which = weight gain!

Stop eatingĀ  white foods (bread, pasta & pastries) and add in some wholesome ones instead like raw foods, vegetables, fruits, pulses, brown rice, nuts & seeds! Make your own meals – that way you know exactly what’s going in!

2. Don’t list the things you can’t have!
When you write down things that you aren’t allowed it often mentally makes you want them – you get more of what you focus on in life so write down what you can have!

Allow yourself treats – just make them good ones and in much smaller quantities!

I.e. for a chocolate hit – eat premium quality raw vegan chocolate instead!

3. Move it!.. Ever heard the saying
‘if you don’t move it you lose it!’

Well it’s true! Get busy and don’t allow yourself to get bored and snack on foods that stick to your belly! Try walking, playing some sports, mow the lawn, cycling, swimming or even getting off the bus or train one stop earlier and walk the last bit.

Snacking when bored is a common weight gain problem – energy creates energy so keep busy!

4. Setting an achievable goal or goals…
Don’t bail out when you’re half way through because you have set your targets too high or too long! Maybe opt for a shorter time scale that you can achieve and feel good about! That way once you have reached it you can be rewarded and then start again! Much better than setting an unachievable goal that you may break and feel rotten about!

5. WATER – the key to life & weight loss!
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day (4 pints / 2 litres) assists weight loss and this is a FACT! Opt for clean, filtered or bottled water that isn’t flavoured or containing hidden calories! Water enhances weight loss & health without a doubt! Build up to to 8 glasses if you are not used to drinking that amount.

6. Write down what you eat!
Write down what you eat so you can really see what is going in! This can help you really understand and see where you are going wrong and where you can go right! It can help you see where the extra calories are coming from and where you can afford to stop them. but what you really get to see, is the truth about what your really eating, because the mind can trick you into beliving that you eat quite well…try it and see..

7. Knowledge and action
I know that not everyone who reads these 7 easy weight loss tips will succeed at losing weight fast.

Success doesn’t come from reading weight loss books or watching diet videos, however good they are. (No one ever lost weight really fast by reading a book.)

But lots of people have lost weight fast by taking “ACTION” after they have read a book or seen something, and that IS what it will take for YOU to be successful: knowledge and action.

So read these 7 easy weight loss tips again for the knowledge, and for the action part, you have to do that bit yourself. Good luck & Best wishes.

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