Nori Sheets make salads exciting & fun

Sometimes eating lots of salads can become boring and make you want to go back to cooked foods for more variety, but hold on, the simple introduction of a new food such as a Nori Sheet can transform the tasts, look and nutrition of a simple salad.

Benefits of Nori

Nori is a fabulous sea vegetable that contains high amount of protein (as much as soya beans which are now known to be mucus forming) and essential vitamins such as A, B & C – in fact Nori has large amounts of vitamin C that is kept well and not destroyed when prepared.

Nori also contains IRON – oh yes. Two sheets of nori contain the same amount of iron as one egg 🙂

So why not try some – they are great to just eat as they are or for most people they like to stuff them full of salad and a dressing to liven up your daily intake of greens and goodies.

I like to:

Lay the Nori sheet down shiny side down and then spread with either raw almond butter, tahini or humus. Then cover that spread with alfalfa, spinach, tomato, pinch pink salt and avocado – then roll up (it really doesn’t matter if it looks good) and then eat.

Makes your salad crunchy, more nutritious and more fun and interseting – and I bet your friends want one too!

Happy Nori 🙂